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Greed on whos part?
Best Buys sale is: Gladiator BD for $22.99 and Braveheart BD for $22.99. If you buy BOTH, you get $10.00 off the total price. Ends 9/5.
One of my favorite movies.... I just watched the BD today, and it looks grrrreat! I was sooo thrilled at the wonderful PQ.
This movie pales in every aspect to "Funny Games".
+1. "Zodiac" had nice production values, good acting, a nice "Hollywood moment" or two, but the end, it left me wanting a whole lot more than the movie gave. I would take a movie like Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam" over "Zodiac" any day.
I liked (loved) the "Theatrical" version of The Warriors. I did get the new Directors cut on HD and it does looks very nice, however, I really hated this "comic book" version, if only because the entire end credit scene was taken out. I really, really liked the mood of the original when "In the City" played in it's entirety.
That's correct. They are working on those 2 films next (Rays' words in the feature). No release times or anything was said, but...we can look forward to them.
Imo, this movie is big with the kids, and its not a movie that most adults could/would get into (unlike Pixar, etc. movies). I don't think a lot of parents are going to spend $10-$15 more for a HD version, when a SD version can be tossed around for cheaper.
"The colorization process" feature was very informative. Ray is 100% for colorization of his movies and 100% supervised the coloring himself. The only reason his early movies were in B&W was because of budget. He was very happy that his films ( It came from beneath the Sea, Earth vs the Flying saucers, up next) could finally match his original vision. This BD is a no-brainer for Harryhausen fans.
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