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Thanks Ralph looking forward to this.
Thanks Ralph,day 1 for me THOR is my FAVE.
How do you know that you have completely open the File? When the Blue play button appears? As you can see I'm not Savvy with this . I bought a Pioneer Blu-ray Burner BDR-XD05W have it plug into a usb port. Bought the MacGo Player registered it click Open File,not sure it is Opened. Please HELP. THANK YOU.
Thanks to Everyone,Oppo that's what they said also.
I want to know can the VUDU To Go App. be downloaded onto the 103? My iMac does not a BD drive I want to use the In home disc to digital program. I did ask OPPO this also waiting on a answer. Thank You.
Thanks Ralph.
Thanks Ralph.
I am in New Jersey and my DVR works fine, even with Sandy Aftermath problems.
Thanks Ralph I ordered the steel book from best buy.
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