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I failed to see it in your pics but my apple laptop screen is dirty too so that may not have helped. I would warn you that when my WD-73734 gave way to the galaxy cluster of white dots, many of the dots were mirrors stuck in a position in which they reflected red or green instead of white. However, 90% of all the dots were white. If you see this dot on any screen with white color, then I would be suspicious of a failing DLP chip, however, you should get many more dots...
I am a 73738 owner and a former owner of a 73734 set that lasted about 3 years giving way to the dreaded "galaxy" cluster of white dots. The 73738 was a replacement from a 4 year warranty program from Circuit City. The white dots started one by one until they virtually took over the screen in just a few months. It sucked and the warranty company hassled me for months over it trying to get me to jump off a cliff. I finally got the Better Business Bureau involved after...
Yes, I think it is RCA. I didn't know that red, yellow, or red cables would work. That's an easy test - I will try and report back.
I have a Denon 487 reciever with Denon speakers and subwoofer that is probably about 4 years old. The sound system is used soley with my Mitsubishi T.V.. I've been noticing less than stellar sound quality lately and investigated. I found that my 2 year old mashed some buttons on the remote and turned off half my speakers via the "A" and "B" speaker port buttons - that was an easy find and fix. However, I cannot get my subwoofer to respond. The red light on the back...
Received my 73738 last night, finally. I got it at 9:30 and it replaced a 73734 by my warranty company Assurant Solutions. So far so good - cable box from Time Warner worked via HDMI. I will try my PS3 later. It came equipped with 012.5 and was shipped from TigerDirect.com
The date cutoff from the second link provided was limited to 11-21-10, from the pulldown menu.Did this offer expire or something?
Thanks for the links on how to receive free 3D kit from Mit. Interestingly, I am getting a new 73738 from a warranty company, which is supposedly on its way. I wonder if I could enter in the information on the 2nd link and get the kit?
An "emitter"? What's that? Are you talking about the glasses, and if not, can you get one separate from a starter kit?
how are we getting free 3D starter kits?
What 3D blu-ray players do ya'll recommend for a Mit. 73738? And I should just be able to do the blu-ray player to Mit. T.V. via HDMI and get 3D, right? Of course, I will need the glasses, but no other converter is necessary.
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