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Anyone know if once the complimentary 3 month of Epix is over, is it going to be included in certain packages?
Yeah I forgot about the TWC Maxx plans. That's not going to come to fruition now isn't it?
This seems like terrible news. Comcast internet policy scares me. With their data caps and overages. I hope it doesn't get regulatory approval.
Yeah looks like encore is now apart of TWC movie pass. http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/residential-home/tv/premium-channels/variety/movie-pass.html
I was downloading channels on xbox only to find out TWC isn't a participating TV provider. Is there a reason why TWC rarely is a participating TV provider for tv/video apps? ie. lifetime, a&e, nat geo etc . Also now with the changes to the watchabc app there hasn't been any indication that TWC will be a participating TV provider for that either. I guess I don't get why they don't participate when so many other providers do.
I had unplugged but I plugged it right back. Still didn't work. I tried again this time I left it unplugged until I came out the show. It's now working. Thank you.
but it isn't taking me a few seconds back. It's taking me like 3 commercials back.
This DVR compensation stuff is awful. I fast forward to get where I want to watch. I press play and it take the show back. What's the point of fast forwarding when you press play it gonna end up rewinding it for you? It goes so far back. I tried changing the dvr compensation setting, and it still does it.
Did you guys get the update? How do you like the change?
Is anyone else guide messed up? Channels not showing up?
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