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Anyone notice there's been a lot of audio/ video out of sync? I thought it was my new home theater blu ray system, but I plugged the hdmi cable directly into the tv, and it still happens. It's on all three of my boxes. It's especially bad on ESPN, and showtime. I would have thought it was just me, if it only happened on one of my box, but it's on all three. Maybe it still just me.
I know Scientific Atlanta is part of Cisco, but he didn't say he had Scientific Atlanta. He said he had a Samsung box.
I'm located in Brooklyn, but I don't have Samsung boxes. I have Cisco explorer 8642HDC.
After the update on the whole house dvr I'm now able to delete shows from both dvr boxes, and the playback box.
You know what I didn't think about going to a local electronic repair shop. Good advice.
I'm not sure. I don't know what's wrong with it. It won't turn on, so I'm assuming it's power related.
I have a hauppauge 1212 hd pvr. The hd pvr won't power on. Just wondering about the cost of the part. Does anyone want to throw a ball park figure? Do you think it would be worth it to incur a repair charge of $35 plus parts plus shipping costs, or just buy a new one?
Just spent forever with a tech on the phone, and didn't get anywhere. I get at least 5 mbps with the linksys E4200. I'm gonna just use the Motorola and just connect my ps3 with the Ethernet cable.
The wifi signal is 100
Do you know how I would check that on the Motorola modem they provided? I just speed test my ipad, and getting download speeds of 25.08 and upload speeds of 4.87mbps. That's good right? Why so slow on the ps3?
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