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What external hard drive do you guys have that works with your explorer 8300HD? I want to add more space, and tried to before. I got the western digital My DVR Expander, and it didn't work. I had to send it back. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I should try the western digital My DVR Expander again. Maybe it will work with the new Navigator software.
Really Why would she tell me that then? she said a cable card was needed so it could communicate back to them to get that feature to work. She went on a little rant about it actually. Sounded very sure of herself. I would think if you worked for the TWC you would know these thing. How annoying. Is the start over feature working with everyone's 8300HD box?
Just got off the phone with the the technician, and the start over feature isn't gonna work on the SA8300HD. It works with the SA8300HDC, because it has a cable card. To get the start over feature to work you're gonna have to trade boxes. I'm just gonna deal without it. I have the SA8300HDC in my living room, and it runs much slower than the SA8300HD. Maybe when the start over feature gets added to more channels I'll change boxes.
Damn, my 8300HD rebooted, and now it staying stuck on one channel. Can't higher the volume. Can't change the channel. Can't gain access to my dvr list. The guide, or info. Nothing is working. I don't want a new box, because I don't want to lose what I have recorded.
I have the same problem. I called the rep said she sent the problem to the technical department, if not fixed in 48 hours to call back so they could send a technician. That wasn't help, but just wanted to say I have the same problem.
Damn, is the general consensus of mystro is that it suck? I hope so, and that the complaints are so loud that Time Warner will have no choice, but to fix it. I think it terrible. The start over feature is horrible also, because you can't rewind or fast forward. Everything takes forever. It's so slow. Does the 8300hdc at least have more storage space than the 8300hd did? sorry for all the questions, I'm just so annoyed with this thing right now. :lol
Damn, that sucks. So is it the box, and not the software? If so you think I could bring the 8300HDC back, and get them to give me a 8300HD? I really don't like this 8300HDC with mystro.
I got the explorer 8300HDC and with that came Time Warner Mystro. Before my my explorer 8300HD, had passport. It was able to save an hour worth of program, that I could rewind & fast forward that channel without having to record anything. I could watch something from my list stop it, and return to the channel I was watching, and was able to rewind that channel. It was able to Pause live tv for up to an hour . Now with mystro once I swap channel via pip or watch something...
I update the ram in computer to 4 Gb, and my graphic card to a Radeon HD 4670. Now I'm getting like a squiggle line at the very bottom of the video in the capture module. Anyone know how I can fix this? Also is Arcsoft the only program that can be use to capture from? Is there any other program that recognize the hd pvr as a capture device?
Thanks man. I'm definitely going to take your advice. I appreciate it.
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