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Interesting. What speakers are you driving with the XPA-2?
I've had mine for 7 months now. I must have been lucky because I have not had a single issue with this set. No lip-sync problems or screen blackouts at all. I do have a small amount of backlight bleed, but it is minimal. I'm very pleased with this set. It is on firmware 2.0.21. I would buy another one.
Yeah, at that volume, with a subwoofer handling the low end, you are in good shape. That receiver is a good one IMO.
Even crossing over at 80 Hz will give you plenty of headroom and it will decrease the locaclization (detection) of the sub. But if you are happy with the sound then that's all that matters. Sometimes you can get room nodes that cause re-inforcement or cancellation of certain frequencies. Speaker and sub placement can enhance or decrease sound quality too. If you feel that you can't get the volume you need from your set up though, then more power would be required and...
Looking forward to your findings!
I was wondering if there may be a difference between regions, or maybe even on the steelbook versions. All I know is my version lacks LFE!!! And it ain't beacuse of my set-up
There's much more than just "mid-bass" in this flick.
Those waterfalls support my experience 100%. There's really not much LFE below about 60 hz. Appallingly absent IMO. I actually went back and played some other movies to make sure my system was still playing right.
I'm giving TDK Rises 4.5 stars for LFE. So far I have been very impressed with this flick. Much better than 3.5 stars IMO.
What you have done is create a floorstander with a powered woofer basically. I see no problem with it at all. In fact it is a very good idea and will help with imaging/balance of the lower end when listening to music.
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