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You are not kidding. What is up with the picture quality of KPIX. KPIX, 705, is almost unwatchable. The blurring is constant and we've only recently began noticing it here in Oakland. Can't imagine Comcast playing games with the number 1 rated prime time network while their KNTV, 703, fights to get out of the cellar. Does anyone know if Comcast is working on the issue?
I also called Comcast regarding the 3d effect on KPIX. They logged it in around 9:10 pm but still no fix as of 10:50pm.
That assumes the Raiders make it inside the 20 against the Eagles.
Just received a flyer in the mail from Comcast stating WOM in Oakland on November 12.
It is a known issue by COMCAST. I just got off the phone with them. I have the same problem with ESPN sound and also no picture on AMC 769 in Oakland.
Does anyone experience constant pixelation issues with TBS-HD Channel 735? I've checked all of the connections but to no avail. It is the only channel in the HD line-up that has these problems.
Anyone in the Oakland Hills or anywhere else out there lose KPIX (705) this afternoon? It reads "One moment please" Channel should be available shortly.
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