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I have to admit I've gotten a little carried away......but sometimes there's a deal that's just SO good. And I haven't really started my big VHS dubbing project yet. I've been squirreling the cake boxes away in the spare bedroom, and I noticed last night that there are a lot of them stacked up.
Ditto times 3. Amazon box with 3 "retail package" spindles on my doorstep last night. Purchased mostly for use in my DVD duplicator, though I can probably feed them into my newer recorders, too. Leaves me about 600 16x blank discs in "inventory" for giveaways and backups; about 3,000 8x TY and Verb Data Life Plus for master discs made on the recorders. And about the same number of CD-R Music blanks for my standalone audio CD recorders. If I use them all up, how am I ever...
Makes a body wonder. My theory has been that Amazon is monitoring the "going price" for an item via its 3rd party sellers, and when the sellers' prices change, they change theirs to keep up. Just a theory. I'm sure it's some sort of computer algorithm, not a real person doing it. Last week, when I bought my 3 packs, the FF packs were going for $26.99, and the retail packaging for $21.99. Obviously, I bought the retail. Over the weekend, I checked for the heck of it, and FF...
Or are the folks who cut the cable/satellite cord going to Internet streaming of content? There'd be some irony in my stockpile of backup Mag 2160s/513s/515s being rendered less useful by the demise of OTA broadcast TV.
Well, it *can* be a replacement for a cableco DVR, as long as you can live without the point-n-shoot progrmming guide. It's not a machine for folks who never mastered manually programming a VCR.
I picked up an EH59 refurb last summer from B&H for $270, IIRC. My original DMR-E85 cost ~$650 back in 2004. I remember struggling in 2003 to resist the urge to buy a machine then....."No, no, hang on, prices'll be lower next y ear."
Just got a "Spring Clearance Sale" e-mail from J&R that prominently features what appears to be new, not refurb'd, EH59s at a "sale" price of $329.99, marked down from $389.99 (or $399.99, if you look directly at the website). Interesting. [SPECULATION MODE]I wonder if Panasonic's pulling the plug and J&R's trying to blow their remaining inventory.[/SPECULATION MODE]
Yep, only ordered 3......that's 300 more discs, and I'm pretty full up already on TY 8x and Verb 8x. I guess I should have tried to put 4 in my basket to see what happens.....I got a little distracted, though, because I decided to pre-order the next re-release of RCA's Toscanini Collection (85 CDs for ~$1.75 a piece). Duplicates stuff I already have, but for that price.... Back on topic: lately I've noticed that SuperMediaStore hasn't been having as many sales on TY 8x....
Ditto. Can't say "no" to AZO Verbs at that price. I ordered 3 in Frustration Packaging (for 5 bucks less, I can deal with it). And no problem making the $25 Free Super Saver Shipping limit. I always keep a bunch of things in my saved cart that I want/need but don't have to have immediately. That way I always have something to toss on the pile if I need to make the FSSS threshhold. Of course, these discs will be mostly for use in my newest Magnavox DVDRs and in my...
"Best" depends on what you want it to do. If you're recording OTA and like to do a lot of time-shifting, the soon-to-be or already discontinued Magnavox 513/515 is your only choice. If you're dubbing from VHS or downloading camcorder stuff or something similar, a Panasonic DMR-EH59 or '69 might be better (international models with no tuner usable in the US). Or you can hit the used market and look for an old Pioneer, Toshiba, Polaroid, Sony, etc.
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