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Maybe a bit of both Maybe you got a low buzzer or, like my calibrator, you just can't hear it (lucky) very well. I swear, the guy was just an inch from the panel and he could not hear a thing. I was like "you are kidding right?" and he would tell me that he doesn't know what buzz I am talking about. BTW, the guy is totally independent and not from my area, no conflict of interest that I would think of. On a brighter note, I got quite used to the buzz and I don't use the...
The calibrator (very well known here in Canada) that did my 151 2 weeks ago could not hear the buzz at all even at 6" from the panel without power save mode 2!! even though the buzz is obvious on power save mode 2 and very annoying without it. We are both between 40 and 45 years old, so it is obvious to me that some people that have a buzzing panel just don't hear it.
One question, because of the buzzing I always use Power Save Mode 2, now I try to see the difference between PSM2 and Off and I really cannot see it, I can't perceive the difference in peak brightness. Some say PSM2 is unwatchable, am I missing something? Is there a way for me to see the "obvious difference"? Thanks all.
I just got an email from SoundSense, they are releasing their noise cancelation technology at Cedia in Denver this week. I will keep you updated. For those that will be there, they are booth 453.
ROMAN O, You are a very helpful sponsor around here but even if you have never had a complaint yet about the buzzing, it doesn't mean it's not there and in MANY sets. If it was not a problem, I don't see why it would be explicitly excluded from the Canadian warranty.
I thought white glove delivery included them "installing it", meaning at least having it plugged where you want?
I am in the same situation and decided to live with Powersave 2 since I cannot see much of a difference when it's on compared to off.
Does anyone know when Soundsense LLC will release their noise cancelation device from their methodology announced in this article? http://www.avrev.com/home-theater-ne...-theaters.html
2 questions for you guys: 1- I have an Oppo DVD player with DVI output (I know I could make another type of connection but ...) and I put an adapter DVI -> HDMI on it and connected it to the 1018 with an optical for audio thinking that I could change the sound input for the audio in the setup of the 1018 but it doesn't work, is there a way to do that? 2- When I try HDMI control between my 151FD and the 1018, the 1018 will turn on or off with the tv but every time it...
Never mind, figured it out.
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