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All i can say is that my pz950 is far superior to my px950 in all aspects. From what other people have said here I am guessing that the blacks on my px950 were faulty to go along with the DSE, aggressive image retention, and line bleed all over the place.
As previously mentioned in this thread, i totally agree with bhazard regarding the PZ950 performance. It is far superior when compared to the PX950 but then again a PX with no faults might look awesome too, unfortunately i wouldn't know. There may be better plasmas out there but i like to think i am picky and i like the PZ950. After all my PZ is my fifth tv in 3 months and i am finally happy. It may not be the best on the market but i got mine for a sweet C$949 in the end...
Just got my 50PZ950 as a replacement for a PX950 that suffered from very noticeable dirty screen effect, bad line bleed, and IR. I must say that the PZ950 is far superior, no DSE, have yet to notice any line bleed, and very little IR. Overall a vast improvement over the PX950. This is after only 10 or 12 hours of use :-)
Hey all, i have had my px950 for two weeks now and i have had image retention (tv station logo) in the bottom right hand corner for a week. It is the logo of a station that is watched for about 30 minutes each morning, so seven days worth before i noticed the retention and stretched the image. The logo was white so the image is only visible on white and light colored backgrounds. LG recommended 5 to 10 minutes of whitewash which didn't do anything. Will this retention go...
Clouding is when you see light spots on the screen. If your tv has clouding issues they will be easily visible during dark scenes in a dim/dark room. I have attached an image of my second 830 before it went back to the store so you can see an example.
I went through two 830s due to clouding and minor flash lighting before i gave up with LED and went with a plasma.
It seems to be hit and miss with LED TVs as far as quality control. I returned a Samsung D6000 because of horrid flash lighting in all corners and picked up a Sharp 830. That 830 went back because the colors were washing out on the left side of the screen. The replacement 830 had some decent clouding and some flash lighting on the two lower corners, so that tv went back. I now have an LG PX950 which has a fantastic picture, however, it was quite the adventure getting a tv...
When the screensaver kicks in on the player i randomly get a white line of pixels down the right side of the screen and in some cases down the right side and along the bottom. This only happens during the screensaver. Has anyone else had this happen? This player has been connected to multiple tvs with different cables so it must be the player.
The 2550 does bitstream DTS MA perfectly fine. I was watching a movie bitstreaming DTS MA just the other night.
I don't remember my exact time but i am thinking about 15 to 20 seconds. It was pretty fast. I would just take it back to the store and grab a new one if that isn't too much of a hassle.
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