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Wondering if anyone's found a solution to the Netflix blinking issue on Samsung TV's. So far I've had my ISP out to replace all lines, connections and the modem, I've upgraded my router to an Airport Extreme. And I STILL get blinking. All speed/ping tests come back as "A", but Netflix claims they are detecting huge fluctuations in my connection. The only two options left are that my ISP is lying to me about having a good connection or the wifi card in my TV is faulty....
Me too. I think anyone who mailed them at separate times is getting an extra.
Just had to share, I got my Megamind & Shrek voucher fulfillment's in the mail yesterday. Popped Megamind in and watched it on the new 59D7000, and I have to say both my wife and my jaws hit the floor. The picture and 3D were amazing! For those who've seen it, the shots where Megamind is falling between the skyscrapers, man it almost gave me vertigo. It was like looking through a window! A few days ago we did 2D - 3D conversion of How to Train You're Dragon, and that was...
Really? It doesn't? I read on here a while ago that it did (and some retailer websites said it did), so I called Samsung when I opened my D7000 and it didn't have one. They said I was supposed to get a voucher for it (which I didn't). So I called my retailer up and said my box was missing the voucher, so they mailed me the qwerty from their display D8000. Guess I got a free qwerty
I see constant complaints about the knowledge base at Best Buy. My question is, anyone smart enough to come here, do their own research, and determine what they want, why would they even consider asking a minimum wage, non commission employee what they should get? If you want to buy at BB, walk into the store, walk up to a register or employee, STATE what you want and be done with it. If they say anything except "let me get that for you sir", tell them to shut up and get...
That sucks. Sorry to hear it. I did the same thing, turned it on with no source and yes you should get some kind of welcome screen if I remember correctly. To choose your language. After that I believe I got Air static. Glad you made sure it worked before accepting!
Does anyone know why I can't adjust picture size while using the netflix app? I want to stretch the picture but I can't. Also, why is there no way to stretch the picture while watching blu-rays to actually get rid of black bars, just reduce their size?
Sweet! Thanks!
Does anyone know if the voucher for the MegaMind disc is the same voucher for Shrek Forever After? Because I only had one in mine and I thought it was only for MegaMind, but now I see I'm supposed to get Forever After as well. Just want to make sure I didn't miss the second voucher. Can anyone confirm if both should come?
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