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One of the best video presentations available on disc. I look forward to the 3D version of the film which I missed in the theater.
This movie really should be viewed in 3D if at all possible. It not only is one of the best live action 3D discs on the market, but significantly adds to the story.
Perfect audio and video? WOW! I saw this in the theater and while not quite as good as the Hurt Locker, this is a solid movie!! Must own!
Well, it looks like I just went from a 2D purchase to a 3D purchase courtesy of Ralph. Thanks, Ralph!
Although I had high hopes, this was a terrible movie. I completely agree with Ralph's PQ/AQ scores.
Best Bond film since Sean Connery held the reins. Excellent, excellent BD and film!
I saw this one at the theater and a fantastic film. Not sure what the replay value is...debating on the purchase.
Dolby trueHD appears to be wrecking havoc on my home theater experience. Since I only have a 5.1 setup, I will pass on the newly remastered 7.1 sound experience...even if that means I miss out on the 3D.
After rereading the book last year, the film is quite different. It appears they tried to tie it directly to the LOR. Regardless, excellent film and a day one purchase. If you want to experience the 48 frame rate just put on auto motion plus or whatever frame interpolation program your tv has...if that's your thing, almost no difference.
Day 1 puchase for the kids...ok, and me, too. I haven't upgraded the last couple of Disney releases but this one is a definite classic!
New Posts  All Forums: