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I am still having a problem with my amp cutting out all the time. Will work almost perfect until certain areas of movies and cuts out. Does this 3-6 times a movie. Anyone else have this problem?
I do love my 18.2. So much for so little price Thanks for the info
This is one fantastic sub After full tweaking and testing i will report here. Initial reviews on TCA page
Me to
Unless they quoted me wrong its not that big a discount.
I am waiting for you all to get some LT1300's in so I can get a replacement for mine. I see this highly discounted rate. Maybe they quoted me wrong but my discount was in no way high. A small discount yes. Highly discounted to me means 50-75% off not around 12%. Do not get me wrong I will be replacing the amp and I like my sub. But want to know if I am being charged correctly. Also do not want people to think the same as me and be surprised by the price when the...
Without Grills
Deeply? No.... Not a Franklin but a Grant.
2 years. The wait is killer tho for replacement parts. It is like ordering a sub again.
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