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No i can not, the xbox only gives me the option of inputting the receivers name then automatically populates a list from recommended receiver to chose from. Thank you
Sorry if this as already been answered, I have searched the thread but I did not find anything, I am trying to hook up my av8801 through my xbox one. when I go into the setting of the xbox I am suppose to type the name of the receiver into the search box and the xbox pulls up a list of match results. the problem is the xbox does not find my receiver but gives me a list of other receivers like av 9000 or SR 8001. Did anyone find a fix for this? If so could you send me the...
I researched to see if that was possible but I don't believe that Sony offers firmware updates on that Tv, at least I couldn't find anything on the internet.Thanks againVinny
yeah, I did the reset with the wizard, cleared the prestige storage (don't know if that would have made a difference or not) even did the reset on the Marantz (power button game and sleep buttons) It didn't work. Has to be a handshake issue with the Marantz ?Thanks for all the helpVinny
Thanks for the help and suggestions, I tried them but they did not work. I will call Marantz on Monday to see if their is a fix.Thanks Again
I have the Sony SXRD 1 , its about 10 years old. I don't know a lot about the technical side of electronics but the oppo played great through my av8003 and if I hook it up directly to my tv there is no issue. Is it weird that it would work through one Marantz product but not the other?
I wasn't able to until I hooked up the video component cable. So now I have that hooked up I can see the Oppo menu on my tv and reset everything once again and completed the setup wizard on the oppo and the Marantz , this also did not work. I contacted Marantz last week, several emails and not one response....very disappointing, so much for being a part of the owners circle VIP. I will try and call Marantz but according to their web site they are only open Monday thru...
Thanks for replying, I have tried everything, different cables, different HDMI ports, reset the oppo and av8801 nothing is working for me. Your oppo is connected directly to the av8801 and it is working fine? I must be doing something wrong but can not figure it out. I can connect the oppo directly to my tv and it works fine, I connect my ps3 to the av 8801 using the blu ray in HDMI and there is no issue.Thank you
Thank you
Can someone help me out, Last Thursday I received my 8801 and hooked everything up but for some reason the Marantz does not see my Oppo bdp-83 and I am unable to connect any video or audio. I have read previous post where there was a similar issues but nothing on the fix., I unplugged and plugged everything back in with no luck. I have contacted Marantz via email twice and have not received a reply I have also contacted oppo and they did not reply back. Any help or...
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