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thanks man. i think i'm gonna go with the DVP5982. it's not a big deal anymore, because of the usb, but can it run dvds with divx files on them?
So, my Phillips DVP642 is starting to not read certain dvds and I'm probably going to purchase a new one. It's been running fine for 2 years and I was happy with it. I am considering buying the same player, because it has cheap divx support, but it only reads Divx files put on CDs. Is there a similar player that can also play Divx files off of DVDs? I'm a poor college student with a simple standard-def TV, so I'm looking for the cheapest option.
This is a really interesting thought. To clarify, you're talking about buying an HP or Dell Cablecard system, already all CableCard ready, and then pulling the guts out and putting them in a nice media center case? It seems reasonable. Well, the Dell XPS is a BTX system. I don't know a lot about the differences between ATX and BTX, so can you put a BTX motherboard in an ATX case? Either way, I believe the HP computer would be much more doable.
While we're talking onboard equipment, here's a question: Do you think we'll ever see anyone try to implement an onboard tv tuner? Why or why not?
thank you so much, Wicked Klown. Monoprice.com is perfect. The problem I've been having is that every site has been trying to charge about 10 dollars in shipping.
specifically, RF coax cables.
does anyone know a place to get coax cables online for a decent price? i need a few quickly and i live in a college town which means that no store has coax cables for about a month before and after move in. i need a 3 or 4 short ones.
PC Alchemy is out of the AVerTV M780 so I decided to see if Newegg had it. They had a similar card (AVerMedia 7 95522 96058 ) but it has a very different name and the picture is slightly different than the one on PC Alchemy. I was just wondering if this card was the same as the M780 before I thought about buying it.
Well, there are Gyration dongles for sale on eBay for like 10-15 dollars. I'm in the market for a remote but don't really want to end up with a failed experiment on my hands as I'm tight on computer cash right now. I'd love to hear how this goes for someone.
Wow, that was amazingly helpful. Thanks, CityK. Does anyone out there have an opinion on the AverTV M780 when used with Vista MCE?
New Posts  All Forums: