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Mark you really shouldn't need Australians crossing the proverbial pond to post across AVS and Seaton Sound Forum to get you to communicate with your own Australian customers - surely you know you have done the wrong thing by them and demonstrated quite poor form in the process? I am your biggest proponent of Seaton Gear on DTV Forum. If questions are being asked there that concern a large and expensive Group Buy then that is where they should be addressed. Either that...
A very impressive achievement to all concerned. Well earned indeed! Blade
I would love to see a shootout between the TRIAX and the Seaton Submersive. Good job guys, lovely looking Subwoofer. Blade
Wait...That's my perfect idea of a perfect afternoon!Congratulations Peter - looks fantastic.Blade
I'm certainly still here Pete and watching avidly! Once it's done and you have a moment I'll fly up to have a look Blade
Precisely right.What a wasted opportunity coupled with some of the most absurd story twists in Sc-Fi movie history.Absolute rubbish film.Blade
Hi Chop,The Anthem D2V is a perfect match for the Seatons particularly after ARC is run. I used Audyssey with an Integra DHC-9.9 and did not think much of the result (The Integra itself was fine).I have heard the AVP-A1HD and found it quite harsh in comparison to the Anthem D2V. Having said that I have not experienced Audyssey XT32. The quick measure feature in ARC makes physical positioning of Subwoofers immensely helpful.I just experienced a Datasat RS20i on the...
You can read my original review HEREI was the first in Australia to own a "full" Seaton System - that is, 3 CAT 12C's, 2 Sparks & 2 Submersives.I have never looked back and my experience has led to some 40+ Aussies also enjoyed Mark's superb product (+ 2 other Full Systems that I know of).I have had about 40-odd people through my home to experience these speakers and the praise is universal and the looks on people's faces often priceless.Good luckBladeP.S The Source I now...
Agreed an impressive show of official support. My initial anger was more about my Brother having had numerous issues with his unit and then this final disappointment. All is well that ends well. Good job Anthem Support. Blade
Jeff would you mind terribly if you added "Thor" (Ice Giants battle) & "Iron Man 2" (Final battle) please. Thanks mate Blade
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