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I watched it recently but I went in with very low expectations (after reading numerous reviews that ripped it apart) and with that I actually thought it was an OK movie. Def not worth buying but worth renting IMO. I enjoyed it much more than The Purge. Having said that, Jaden's acting in this was sub par.
The first half an hour of the movie was interesting but then it fell flat on its face. It was quite the let down.
I just tried mine and the first two attempts it locked up just after the red load screen (froze on the Profile selector window). I exited and tried again, on the third attempt it loaded fine but the whole UI was unusually slow/choppy. Even though it worked eventually, it feels like something's wrong with it. Hope it gets fixed soon.
As others have said, go for the bigger GT. In fact, at that distance, if at all possible try to get the 65". We sit 12 ft away and our 65GT50 is on the small side, let alone the 55".
Agreed. There was a presentation online that was conducted by PS4 lead architect, Mark Cerny, I think it was in May but memory is failing me at the moment. It was about an hour long and somewhat technical but what can really be taken from it was how much emphasis this time around Sony's putting in to bring back the PlayStation to its roots, which is first and foremost a gaming machine. As someone who's buying it mainly for gaming, the track Sony's taking with the PS4 is...
+1I found it very hard to watch on so many levels. Definitely a rental, no way I'd ever want to watch it again.
I've owned a PS2 and PS3 launch units without any issues so I'm hoping for a trifecta with the PS4. Shipping where I live is inconsistent so I pre-ordered at a local store, they're guaranteeing release day availability for pre-orders. No idea which games to get but I ordered a couple as they were discounted (pre-order promo); BF4 and WatchDogs. I'll also be picking up Knack (I think my son would love it) and maybe KZ or AC. The game I'm really looking forward to is...
I use Viera Cast/Connect quite often on my GT50, and it's very fluid. FWIW, the GT50 and VT50 have dual core processors which makes using the built-in software bearable.
This is a little OT but that's is good news for current GT users in that, since the GT is THX certified, once our panels die, if within warranty period (extended or otherwise) they'll be automatically replaced with the VT60. My GT's warranty covers feature for feature. My last set that died, G15, was replaced under warranty with the GT50 due to THX certification.
You are correct, and hope you didn't assume otherwise from my post. I've said in my previous post that I went through 3 60GT50 that all had an abnormal amount of buzzing, and all three were returned. My last post was mostly dealing with the "normal" plasma buzz, which may or may not be heard due to various factors. Do remember that the buzzing I'm talking about is the one that's caused by high power draw, which is when the screen is displaying predominantly white or very...
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