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^^^ Yeah I'm having a tough time justifying spending $6K on a TV. I'm getting mine from FutureShop so I'm hoping I can get a better deal. They gave me the 60GT50 for $600 below list price a while ago. Maybe they'll do that again for me. We'll see.
The 65HX950 just showed up on Sony Canada's site (finally) but it says shipping November 16! I hope that's wrong. Interestingly, no mention of the 55HX950, and they seem to still have some 55HX929s. So we might see the 65" arrive before the 55" up here.
1. Screen uniformity is an issue you will rarely see on a Plasma unless it's a defective set. All 4 plasmas I've owned (all Panasonic) had zero uniformity issues. I would think it's the same with a Samsung Plasma but I can't be 100% sure as I don't know much about Samsung Plasmas.2. Even on my 60GT50 that I had, I played a lot of PS3 (well a lot for me, 1-2 hours per day) and had nil-to-very-minor IR, the minor IR that I did see went away almost as soon as I played...
Congrats. Can't wait to get mine but it's no where to be seen in Canada yet, the 65" that is. Anyhow, can you confirm that it came with the stand installed out-of-the-box? If so, I'm shocked.
I hear you. This is coming from a hardcore plasma guy but I'll be picking up the 65HX950 as soon as it's released in Canada. I can't tell you how often I've walked in my living room to find someone had left a static image on the TV for who knows how long and sure enough IR ensues. I've never had burn-in, just temporary IR but that's mainly because I've babied the set. Can't wait not to have to do that anymore, and I love the idea of gorilla glass on the 950. With a...
^^^ I spoke to a rep at a Sony Store in Calgary yesterday and the rep told me both the 55" and 65" HX950 are slotted for release in their system on October 9th. I'm going to guess the 55" is going to be released first (like in the US) and we probably won't see the 65" version till the end of October at the earliest. I'm waiting for the 65" myself. The rep also said that they're priced the same as the HX929 which makes the 65HX950's MSRP $6500, whereas it's $1000-1500 less...
Yep, that's the exact impression I got from my last contact with a Sharp rep here in Canada. That's not to say Sharp won't try again for 2013 to release a full array with local dimming set but it's all up in the air at the moment. Of course it doesn't help things that Sharp is actually in bad shape financially so a niche market product such as this is probably off the books indefinitely until things start turning around for them. Oh well, that narrows the choice for me now...
FYI the old XBR in the US and Canada was the HX929 but the designation for this model in this region is HX950, not HX959. And the HX950 is definitely not edge-lit or some other tech like Samsung's direct-lit LED, it's full-array with local dimming (same as the the Elite), with an increase in dimming zones compared to the 929.
I've heard it now from numerous people, who were at this year's shootout, that the decision not to include the 929 was strictly because it was not a "2012" model, and that the only reason the Elite was (which, like the 929, is also a 2011 model) is because it was the reigning champ so for reference purposes the Elite needed to be included. I'd be willing to wager that the 950 will be included in the next shootout.
I'm waiting for the 65", but even for the 55" there's still no info or release date for Canada. Hopefully it's before November, as I'm itching to get mine.
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