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I've heard it now from numerous people, who were at this year's shootout, that the decision not to include the 929 was strictly because it was not a "2012" model, and that the only reason the Elite was (which, like the 929, is also a 2011 model) is because it was the reigning champ so for reference purposes the Elite needed to be included. I'd be willing to wager that the 950 will be included in the next shootout.
I'm waiting for the 65", but even for the 55" there's still no info or release date for Canada. Hopefully it's before November, as I'm itching to get mine.
No offence, but how could anyone possibly know this for a fact on a TV that's not even released yet?
It's really fruitless arguing which is better. LED and Plasma both have a pretty massive list of serious drawbacks. The best saying I've often heard on these boards when it comes to comparing display technology is "pick your poison". Some people will be willing to forgo some features or put up with certain limitations in exchange for not having a particular negative, while others will be on the reverse of that. Everything in this regard is subjective. About the only thing...
^^^ What you're doing to correct the issue is the right thing, play a mixture of full screen colourful content and if it's IR and not burn-in then it will go away. Just hope it's not burn in as that is permanent. As far as warranty coverage, I'm afraid it's not covered. I think in the user manual there is specific mention of IR and Burn-in not being covered under the manufacturer's warranty terms. As far as going forward with gaming, I recall using THX modes and I...
Take it for what its worth but back in July and August I spoke to two Sony reps and both independently mentioned that the big thing with the 950 over the 929 is the dramatic improvement made in 3D performance. Of course we'll have to wait and see what improvements were made, if any, but I think it looks promising on that front.
^^^ Who's your dealer in Canada? I have to get mine from FutureShop as I have a large store credit with them ($3k) so I'm hoping they get the 65s by mid October.
Same here. Chad B commented in the HX950 thread that after he saw it at CEDIA it looks very promising. Just hope Canadian retail pricing will be in line with the US ($5500 for the 65").
I had the same issue when I first hooked up my Wii using component, turned out (for me at least) I needed to go to inputs, scroll down to the corresponding input for the Wii and toggle it from composite to component (right arrow key on the remote) as the input is shared by both composite and component. That fixed it.
I never thought of that. That makes sense. We should start seeing real reviews and user feedback by the end of the month. Barring any issues I'm itching to get a 65HX950. It'll be my first full-array LCD.
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