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Regarding the portion pertaining to the 950 vs 929, that was by far the most brief and least substantial hands-on of any hands-on I've ever seen, amounting to little more than a comparison of marketing material. I'd wait for a more in-depth hands-on, or better yet a proper review. It shouldn't be too long now.
I would add buzzing to your list (if your hearing is good). Went through 3 sets of the 60GT50 and I couldn't deal with the buzzing, I could hear it from 12-15 ft away. Why Panasonic hasn't tightened QC to deal with this issue is beyond me. Also very anxious about hearing reviews on the HX950. If they come back positive, I'm getting a 65" ASAP.
They should. If they don't then they might as well not do a shootout as there hasn't been any other new releases worthy of inclusion since the last shootout.
So based on the pre-order information on Sony US site, it looks like they're releasing the 55" next week and the 65" early October. And they definitely have "XBR" designation.
I would wait for the 950, barring any show-stopping bugs it looks like it will be better than the 929. In my case I have no choice as all 65" 929s are gone anyhow so I'm forced to wait. But if these leaked MSRPs are to be believed, the MSRP for the 65HX929 in Canada was $6500 and no one discounted them unless it was a dispaly unit, so the 65HX950 will be cheaper by a $1000 and potentially a better set all around. A win-win.
Yep, it's been discontinued for some time. In Canada it was discontinued in Sony Store internal system since May. Only the 55HX929s are left and only whatever stocks are out there, the 65HX929s are pretty much gone, only a few stores with stocks and some stores only have some display models to clear out. The replacement will be coming in November (HX950/HX959) in 65" and 55", they've dropped the 46" this year (at least for Canada).Also, official US pricing on the HX950 has...
I've never heard of this either but it probably depends on the core source of a defective pixel. Maybe they're referring to a panel that is slowly dying where the defect is first detected as a bad pixel that spreads across the screen. FWIW, in my personal experience with LCDs (both monitors and TVs) most of mine had a dead pixel or developed a dead pixel and they never ever progressed any further, even years down the road. So by the sounds of it BestBuy, at least from what...
With IFA 2012 now finished and no mention of Sharp's 900 series would this signal the death nail for the series or is there still hope? I was almost sure Sharp would come out and say something but as the saying goes "the silence is deafening". And it's not like Sharp wasn't present, they showed off a few Aquos displays, mainly focusing on the 90" unit and new technology like IGZO displays (small low powered hi-res displays), but not a single word about the 945.
According to Engadget staff, it was Sony IFA reps that gave them the info about zone numbers, and Engadget posted the info in their HX950 hands-on.
Engadget hands-on points out that the HX950 has 196 individual dimming zones. Does anyone know how that number compares to the HX929 or the Elite?
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