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credit card in hand... ready to buy
Finished installing my BIGGER RACK... pics to come.
I sometimes have the same issue with my 4308ci. Usually it has to do with the output settings on the PS3. I s usually have to cycle the input on my Denon and it is fine.
http://www.customavrack.com/Products/9-middle-atlantic-5-29-slim-5-series-rack.aspxIt got shipped directly from Middle Atlantic.Easy to put together. I plan on installing it the week of thanksgiving. I am taking vacation time off to get caught on on projects. Can't wait to do some nice cable management. Looks like HELL right now.Here is another nice rack... Bit more expensive.
What type of battery back up did you go with? Just for shits and giggles I hooked the one up from my PC but it tripped the battery back up into a fault mode. Probably because it drew too many amps.
Got the rack and custom shelves yesterday by FedEx. Ordered them last Friday late afternoon and got them Thursday. Everything looks nice and solid. Probably won't get to this till next weekend since I have to rip out carpeting and tile in my house this weekend. Before and after pics to come.
Yea, I already have one for the PS3 and love the looks. I tried to get panels for anything that I plan to still have in there for the next 2 yrs. customavrack.com has them for $109/ea
+1 on a nice rack. I went from a 20 space to a 29 space rack. Always go bigger since you will eventually buy more gear.
Ordered up a 29 space rack and a few custom rack panels for the Denon, Onkyo amp and my Sonos player... Should be here next week. Hardwood floors go in the following week in the dining and office rooms and then i will install the rack. Going from a 20 space to a 29 space. Kinda wish I would have just done that when i was doing this project a few years ago.
I think you can adjust for it in the projector. There should be a keystone adjustment in the settings menu.
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