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I have had this set a few weeks now, and the lip sync issue has only been witnessed twice; and both times it was fixed with a quick channel change. I have my cable box, roku, and blu-ray player all hooked up to my onkyo receiver, with one hdmi going from receiver to tv. Not sure if my lack of lip sync can be attributed to my set up or not. Others have had success using high speed hdmi cables to fix that problem.. Maybe I got lucky...or maybe Ms. Lip Sync is waiting...
Wow, that is not encouraging....BUT....I would try adjusting your TVs vidoe settigs to those that are working for others (see earlier posts with calibration recommendations ie. Kev4Bama pg. 3) and then see how your panel looks.What are your present backlight/brightness settings?Greg
fyi..the first set i purchased had some bad bleeding,especially at the bottom left corner as well an area just right of center. i returned that for a second set at bj's which was much better. not perfect, but minimal even with the tv on with no input. i guess the amount of bleeding is set specific. greg
Anyone with calibration equipment have some settings to share? Other than Kev4Bama's and CNETs settings, I haven't seen any settings here or elsewhere. Thanks, Greg
I don't know if this is the original firmware or not, but I have version 1.1.4. Are firmware updates automatic? I don't recall accepting a firmware update, but that doesn't mean my kids didn't.
Hi Folks - another happy Vizio owner here. I've had the set now for about 10 days and couldn't be happier. I've only experienced a lip sync problem once (HD Cable source) and it disappeared with a quick change of the channel. I'm presently using kev4bama's settings with the backlight and brightness both decreased about two units for most of my viewing. I do like the CNET settings when movie watching at night. I have this set in my familiy room that opens up to an eat...
Thanks for "pot tuning" link. I like to tinker, but that may be a bit much for me to handle. I really like the specs on this TV, especially the matt screen. For those of you that have this set, does the new firmware allow the True Motion feature to be turned off (in all viewing modes) to avoid the Soap Opera Effect? Thank, Greg
OK, I'll bite....What's pot tuning?
Well I think most folks opt for matt screen because of a "bright" viewing environment, and less on viewing format (TV vs. movie). I need a matt screen for my family room, and find it surprising that I'm looking at this PLASMA. This plasma has more of a matt screen than any brand LED based on what I've seen.Any comments on IR with this set? Just wondering as I have kids that watch alot of channels with logos etc. in their progaming.Thanks,Greg
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