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so far its gonna be a pair of Arx 15 Floorstanding speakers with the Cadence Mark 12 sub. what do you guys think?
I suggested to him the Cadence Mark 12 i think its called. I have it myself and it bangs. Great sub
thanks. i have V471 myself and its great.
hey will something like the yamaha v473 be able to power two floorstanding speakers?
do u need a subwoofer if you get floorstanding speakers? are subwoofer built into these floorstanding speakers?
one question I have is getting wood better?
Thanks so much for the suggestion. Will talk to him about his budget. how are the klipsch floorstanding speakers? he saw some at Frys and was interested in it. Are your suggestions better than the Klipsch's?
Hey guys, I was talking to my Uncle about my home theater setup and it got him interested in getting some for himself. He wants floorstanding speakers and is willing to spend about 600-700 on them. If you guys could give me some suggestions I would really apprecaite it. Thanks
lovin this setup. got techflex all setup. had to 3/4" route but still does look good. will post pictures later. thanks to everyone that helped out
dark blue would look nice
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