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Cnet has settings posted here:http://forums.cnet.com/7723-19410_102-592352/panasonic-tc-p60vt60-picture-settings/There are a slew of other setting posted by people if you do some Google/forum searching.
Sadly it's not as straight forward as that. You'll have to jump around through the TV's settings if you want to apply them top to bottom from DNice's documents.I just did mine the other night. As said above, it is tedious, but can be done.
I really enjoyed this movie.Don't want to create spoilers with my why, so : [[SPOILER]]
Just finished watching Blade. I think the disk looks and sounds great. Very filmlike and I would recommend it to anyone.
Awesome! Thanks!-KJ
If I head to Best Buy to pick up Blade I, will it be the only version available on the shelf or do I need to look for some distinguishing features associated with the new disk? Thanks, -KJ
If it is well done I'll be a day one buyer. I have yet to pick up any T1 or T2 blurays.
I'm definitely jumping on the U.S releases of Blade and Blade II. I've been waiting on these and the U.S. shots look decent to me.
dvdmike007, Please let us know what you think of PQ/AQ, after you get a chance to watch it. Thanks! -KJ
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