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I just got my NHT Power5 back from NHT. They replaced the power supply and tested everything and its in perfect working order. I was thinking about selling it, but can't find any others for sale to reference its value. Anybody have a good idea what it would be worth?
Does anyone know what a used power5 is worth? I did just have NHT replace the power supply and test it.
What mark says is true, and like I said, my only real issue is with the promised ship dates that where missed, and lack of return calls/emails. I don't think that because they are discounted old stock, it's ok to not return calls/emails for weeks at a time, or promise ship dates and then not deliver or offer an explanation for weeks. He simply could have said that he had no idea when he would get around to finishing them, and he would let me know when they were ready. ...
3 sparks. I was planning on getting catalysts in the near future, but wanted to hear the sparks first.
It's not waiting that's my problem. It's not answering or returning calls/emails. Also, he has given me a concrete ship date probably 5 times starting February 18. He has told me numerous things have come up that has prevented him from keeping his ship dates, but at this point it's ridiculous. He seems like a good guy and I'm sure his products are amazing (I have dual submersives and love them) but customer service and call backs are a huge problem from my experience.
Still waiting. I must say I've never experienced customer service this poor, and I've dealt with numerous A/V companies... There is no excuse. I'm pretty much ready to give up at this point and go a different route, unless something happens very soon.
Still awaiting Marks call.....
He emailed me Thursday, apologized and said he has been very busy. He said he would call me Friday afternoon, but didnt. We will see if he contacts me this week.
Still haven't gotten my speakers. Again, Mark promised I'd have them my last Friday, but they haven't shipped, and I can't reach him. Don't know what to make of it at this point. The speakers were originally supposed to ship February 18
New Posts  All Forums: