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Thanks, Bill! Its been a little while for sure. Jeff is incredible, he has calibrated 4 systems for me now and I would never think of working with anyone else. The level of performance your system gains compared to the relatively minor investment is crazy. Within 5 minutes of him being completed you will immediately question why you ever waited to do so... I would love to hear the Salks in connection with the 12Se's. I would imagine your room sounds extremely musical yet...
I have not been on this forum for a few years but my recent experience with my 12SE has prompted me to do so. Anyone who may know me knows I have owned most subs and finally settled on a JL-F13 a few years back. That has been my reference go to sub that was professionally calibrated and run through a Velodyne SMS-1. Recently, I needed to re-organize my room to be a bit more "family friendly" and as such was looking to downsize my sub. A good friend recommend Rythmik to me...
Guys, I am looking for a great pair of 3D glasses for my Panasonic 50GT30 plasma. I would like to stay somewhere around $100 per pair. Thanks for the help!!
Guys, is there a place that can help recommend the proper heights for viewing when the tv is mounted? I have my electrician installing the tv tonight and really want to make sure it is at the proper height. I do not have any other furniture in the rook yest to use as visual aid. Thanks!!
any help here? The Panny 210 is a 1-3 month wait on Amazon, so that is out...
Guys, I am looking for a Blu-ray player for my bedroom. It if has built-in wifi for streaming that would be great, but it not a huge deal. I am looking for fast load times, great PG, and a slim footprint. I am looking for the best player under $200 or so. Two I have looked at are the Sony S580 and the Samsung BD-D6700 but am completely open. Thanks so much for the help!
Hey guys, I just pulled the trigger on a 50GT30. Are there any particular wall mounts that are recommended for this set?
Is this true?? I have been trying to decide between the 51D7000 and the Panasonic 50GT30. I have not been able to decide which to go with, I guess it will be the Panasonic
Bump Any other opinions out there. I am really hoping to be able tp purchase later today. Thanks!
55" is too big for the room, but thank you for the response. I will have the 65VT30 in my theater room downstairs
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