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The problem hasn't appeared this week. It's really odd, maybe it fixed itself. Just wishful thinking. Maybe my slapping of it knocked something back in place
I think my 1909 bit the dust. Only had it for 2 years. It turns on and I can cruise through the menu on the unit but I get no display to the tv or audio output. I tried the microprocessor reset with no luck.
I have had my LN46A750 repaired twice for the on/off/bad caps issue. The first time when it was 2 years old and the second time about a month ago at age 3 for the same thing. I'm glad I had paid for the 3 year extended warranty. Now I am having what I think is the same problem you are. The left side of the tv shows multiple images, like the image was dragged down across the screen and left a few imprints. It seems to only happen when the tv has been turned off for a...
I have a Dell D620 with worse specs than that that I do video editing on. It's not pretty but it works. Takes quite awhile to encode or convert video but.... you know it works. I usually just let it sit and encode overnight lol. I don't think that Mac Book would be all that bad.
thanks for the tip.
I had the same problem when playing back footage on my old dell laptop when using vlc media player. I downloaded and installed Splash media player and it plays smoothly. You should give Splash a try. On another note I used Sony Vegas 9 to convert some footage (20 mins turned out to be 1GB) to an .mp4, threw it on an external drive, connected it to the ps3, and the darn ps3 won't recognize the video as a supported format even though it's mp4. Anyone know what I'm...
It's usually because the camera records at a different frequency than the tv is refreshing. But it's odd that it only does it when it's stable. Are you able to lock the focus on a different object and then point it at the tv?
All the memory on ebay is hong kong crap even though they claim they are a name brand. They are flaky, I had 2 different ones from ebay and the read/write was terrible and they ended up corrupting all the time, kept having to reformat them. Finally threw them out and bought some legit cards from a store.
Just wondering if TGTBTU included in this set is the original 161-minute theatrical release or the 178-minute extended version? Great review!
Bump. Borrowed VMS 9 platinum from a friend, went through the tutorial but haven't edited any video yet. I plan on getting version 10 when it comes out. I'll be recording my nieces ballet recital tomorrow, probably low light conditions so we'll see how it goes.
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