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I've had my Denon 1909 for a little over a year now and it has been wonderful until recently. The past few weeks the HDMI output switch has been flaking out. If I reset the receiver it will work for a couple weeks and then flake out again. Here is how I have my HDMI outs: HDMI 1 = TV/DVR = Quick select 1 HDMI 2 = Xbox 360 = Quick select 2 HDMI 3 = PS3 = Quick select 3 If I press quick select 1 it goes to the PS3 for some reason. I have to press the TV button below...
Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this with their mixamp and volume?
Got my A40's last night and played a couple hours of MW2 campaign. I tell you what it's true, ignorance IS bliss because I absolutely love the way they sound. Extremely immersive, I agree they are light on the bass but other than that...perfect. I haven't used them online yet but do I need to change my chat output settings like Daekwon mentions when using them for chat? One thing thats kind of weird, and I'm being really picky here, but I have the volume barely on and...
Yea it cracks me up that he is judging them based on playing one round of deathmatch and then listening to one song... I give zero credibility to that. And seriously here, its not a gaming headset if it does not have a built-in mic period. There are just too many downsides to jerry-rigging a seperate mic to audiophile headphones for a serious online gamer, its just an extreme hassle.
Really? I thought that was a terrible read... Many of his comments were the exact opposite of what other reviews say. That and he's comparing audiophile headphones without mics to gaming headsets with mics... seems really silly, pointless, and not to mention bias. Seems like he really had it out for the A40's because they wouldn't send him a pair to demo. In the gaming category he ranked 2 sets of headphones without mics higher than ones with mics, which if your an...
I don't know how you could be either but it's the only thing that is different in your setup compared to most everyone else's. Checking that your 360 is outputting dolby 5.1 and not digital stereo is a good suggestion. My astros should arrive in the next couple days and I'll be able to tell you if I hear what you describe. I mostly play MW2 also but mainly just spec-ops with co-workers. My gamer tag is Arod413 for anyone that needs a spec-ops buddy.
I agree, you should be using the optical, you are probably losing audio quality by routing it through your monitor with digital coax. Do the cable mod here so that you can plug in the cable with the optical and the hdmi at the same time into your xbox. http://www.chadledford.com/?p=50
The benefits are well worth joining. I've already gotten countless free movie tickets from using their Fandango deal. They use to have a great amazon deal also but it was recently removed, hopefully they will be bringing that back. Anyone know how much the extended warranty for the astros cost?
I just ordered the astros. FYI, The ECA has a 10% off discount code.
I was playing MW2 with a couple buds last night, one had astros and the other had ax720's. The one with the astos loved them but every time he talked there was a horrible buzzing, he thinks something is wrong with his mix-amp. The other one had TB x41's and he loved those but his first 2 pairs broke on him and when he went back to best buy they only had the tritton 720's so he got those. He said he didn't like the sound of them as much as the x41's but said they did the...
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