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It comes with an IR remote, which you can easily use to have your Harmony learn he codes.
I purchased both the PXC 450 and the MM 550 sets to see which I liked best and was planning to return one of them. My decision is still TBD but here are my observations so far: Both sets - * Highs get a little washed out when you turn on noise cancelation. Yes I have high standards but no I don't work at a mastering house. I think any astute amateur listener can hear the difference on cymbals and snare drums. Whether it will bother you or not is a different story. I...
Came across this in a search for options. In case anybody else is looking I figured I'd post the best solution I've come across: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Ericsson-...6964346&sr=8-1 I'll try to remember to post how well this works when they arrive.
Today I received my Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen (Somfy Motor) w/ IR Remote - HD Grey Fabric (106 inch, 16:9), part #7944 Here are my impressions for the growing library: 1) Great packing job from the folks at Monoprice. I was panicked because UPS beat my box really badly with folds and holes all over the place. Nothing penetrated the inner box. Everything arrived in pristine condition. 2) Screen quality is great. No waves, no holes, no hotspots. I...
We'd like to install a recessed projection screen in our ceiling, but unfortunately it would need to run perpendicular to our (metal) studs. Is there a safe and practical way to do this? I'm pretty handy but have never mucked with cutting studs before. Thanks in advance.
Last question: do you think tab tensioning is as important in a 92" screen as it is in the larger ones? For my situation (white walls but controllable lighting; first projection/screen experience), would you view the $800 tab tensioned Elite as a significant improvement over the say $200 regular Favi?
I wouldn't say manual is out of the picture, but I would definitely prefer electric.I found this Elite one: http://www.amazon.com/Elite-Screens-...1258944&sr=8-7 (I can also get it in grey if I want)Am I paying an extra $500 just for the tab tension though, or is the screen quality better than the cheaper Elites? I understand this won't compare to a $2,500 screen, but I would expect an $800 screen to be better than the $200 equivalents. I'm not worried about that one...
Does anybody know where I can find one of these? I can spend up to $1k, but I can only find the grey models in larger sizes. Any thoughts? For use with Mitsubishi HC6800 from up to 14' away. I'm limited by wall size. My ceiling and walls are white, and it's for a living room so retracting is important. Ceiling recessed is also possible.
I'm thinking of buying these. Vanns has them on pre-order for $500 here: http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/it...iews/544999276 Before I pull the trigger, what do you folks think? Can I find a better deal?
All cables HDMI: Cable Box > TV = OK A3 > TV = OK Cable Box > Receiver > TV = OK A3 > Receiver > TV = OK Cable Box > Switcher > TV = OK A3 > Switcher > TV = OK Cable Box > HDMI Switcher > Receiver > TV = OK A3 > HDMI Switcher > Reciever > TV = No signal Can somebody help me troubleshoot this? I've tried swapping cables and inputs. No dice.
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