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I like the size of the pocket cinema. Would this do fast action (outdoor) sports any justice? Or is the 24-30fps a big negative? I know it limits slow-mo, but would it also "miss" some fast moving ball/foot/hand motion? Currently using a Panny TM900 and have been pretty happy with it...
That Patriot comparison from Bright Side of News is odd...thought the rule of thumb was (HDD as well as SDD's) the larger capacity disks were usually faster than smaller capacity? In general, I guess this is due to improving technologies which naturally occurs as capacity grows. Not always true, but that's a bit jump from 32GB SDHC to 128GB SDXC. Glad I didn't bet anybody on that result!
I'm using AE 3.0. I can probably create an .iso image if anybody needs, let me know.
Good stuff, Ungermann. Yeah, I'd only buy an SDXC if I needed really high capacity...64GB+. Even w/ an extra, full sized battery for the TM900, I run out of juice before space with a 1 x 32GB and 2 x 16GB cards at full resolution. Rarely need the other cards at a 2-3 day soccer tourney, taking in 3-6 1hr games.
Knew I could count on you Always so helpful here... That's good info...I see it for $75 or so now...not bad. Assume you don't use HD Writer at all any longer?
bsprague or others, Any idea on timing for the next iteration/release of Premier Elements? I'm thinking about picking this up but would rather wait a few months if a newer version is imminent.
Is it not odd that iFrame is 28Mbps (lowest quality) same as 1080/60p (highest)? Why all that bandwidth for weak pq? My wife has an MBP and I tried it once for kids soccer. PQ was craptacular in comparison to 1080.
Prefer local pick-up. I am in the St. Louis area. Bought these but they simply will not fit where I wanted to place them. Too many electric wires/water pipes within the wall. So we have to let these go at a discount. They are "new". One box was opened to get the template out and ensure cutout size required. None have been on/driven. They have not been registered yet, so you should have lifetime warranty with this purchase. Once you buy, I will contact my seller...
jsw, did you ever find these? If still interested, pm me.
Haha...that's awesome billdag. Might actually be a lot safer than having the Mrs. help lift the set up (depending on her stature of course)!
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