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Interesting. I hope I don't see any pops or I will flip
Hmmm interesting. Is this the fist report of the logic board update not Working?
I like the relax setting too I am going to mess around with the settings now that the pops are fixed I picked up a WOW disk a couple weeks ago from Fry's
Zoyd, I actually thought my blacks looked darker on my PN64D8000 after the logic board update. Maybe it is because there is no more popping and I don't see the screen turning "lighter" anymore. I absolutely love the picture now.
Great news Nesbo!!!
Congrats! Feels good, doesn't it?
Zoyd -- does upgrading the logic board manually void the Samsung Warranty? Thanks Red
You prefer dynamic?? That is so bright
So Samsung in California called me today and offered me a refund because the technician that came yesterday (replaced mainboard) deemed the tv irrepairable. This was before I did the logic board update. I declined the refund and told the lady that I adjusted the settings and can live with the pops. I DON'T want to start all over with another TV. So far so good with the logic board update.
Major, major props to Zoyd and Larry. Do you guys work for Samsung or something? Lol Tonight was the first night where I could actually enjoy some shows!
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