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I may have missed it earlier in this thread, but if we calibrate these sets on our own and its the 65 inch version is our target 2.4 gamma or 2.2? I was confused by the calibration report DNice posted showing 2.2 as the gamma target but the setting say to use 2.4 for the 65 inch .
Burn in????? That's not good. Are you sure it's not just temporary IR? I just got mine today and I watched football all day long with no IR at all.
Oh boy....just picked up my 65 inch st60 from the local HHGregg. Can't believe I finally pulled the trigger. I plan to run the d-nice slides , can someone tell me if I can still watch tv in between running the slides?
^ coming from a 50 inch pioneer 8g. I am due to get a new blu ray player as well.....prob oppo 103 . The extra savings will help lessen the blow of both purchases.
I know that the saying always goes, get the biggest tv you can and you'll never regret it, but the price difference between the 60 and the 65 is enormous. I am right there ready to order a st60 , but I am really trying to figure out if ill notice the 4.8 inch difference enough to justify getting the 65 incher. I sit about 8.5-9 feet away dead center. Maybe I can get some opinions from those who purchased the 65 and the 60 and get there regrets or contentness
Can you elaborate? I am an avid hockey fan and I am about 2 weeks away from prob purchasing this TV. I am coming from another plasma though and I don't mind the way it looks on my current set. My current set is an 8g pioneer 5010 and the only issue I normally have is with the color of the ice not being an absolute bright white. I'm pretty sure this ST60 gets brighter than my set and definitely is brighter than the VT60 and ZT 60
Can PC mode be used with all inputs or is it tied to a certain HDMI input?
^ have you decided on which set is going back? This is going to be a tough year for me deciding which set to get. I have three sets I'm interested in. VT, ST, F8500. I love to watch hockey so the extra brightness of the ST and F8500 have me intrigued. Good luck with whatever you finally choose
Wait! Entering the service menu voids the warranty? How the hell are we supposed to calibrate the TV's
Do any of you F8500 owners set your black optimizer to off? I know Kevin Miller had said in his review that when the black optimizer is set to off the TV has a significantly lighter black level (.004). Is there any reason to turn this function off??? I'm still on the fence with which panel to buy but I don't want to have to lose black level
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