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I get those two channels fine; I did lose HLNHD, ch758 yesterday. It reappeared this morning. STB is 8300HDC
Yes it came back for me this morning as well, thx.
This channel has been blank all day. Tried rebooting but to no avail. Anyone else?
I have had that same problem occur occasionally. I have a 8300HDC, so it's not unique to the Samsung. Don't know if it's Navigator related, but I don't recall having that problem when I had Passport on my old 8300HD.
Just got back into town and wanted to watch my recording of Psych. Well it was only 11 minutes long. I did not sked the 10pm recording, I had set it to record the 1am rebroadcast.This has happened to me before, and usually happens on troublesome channels: 703, 705 and 716. I have the 8300hdc box.
Ditto; anyone know what's available at their Brooklyn 5th Av Center?
Glad your system is working again. My tech comes tomorrow and I don't think I have an amplifier. What does it look like? Also, does your Start Over work and how about Ch 699. Even when they fixed my system previously, these two items never worked well. As a matter of fact, Start Over has never workded for me. Thanks for the info.
Yes, but what do you do if your onDemands don't work? Sigh. They are sending an "inside" techinician tomorrow. Don't know how this differs from their regular techs.
Down in Brooklyn Heights as well. BTW, is there a list of what channels are on each QAM?
Oh finally, someone else who has this problem. I had this problem in Apr/May for a month and a half before they fixed it -- unfortunately, don't know what they did. Had nothing to do with my box or my signal strength. Then on 7/15, problem cropped up again. Tech came and said it's not my box and signal if fine. He referred it to Engineering and told me that they would check the external signal on 7/24. Well it's 7/25 and it still doesn't work. Called TWC and was...
New Posts  All Forums: