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Perhaps, not necessarily. Depends what your setup is. For example, I run a Surround (Triple Monitor) setup...when you run games at 5790x1200 you need the extra juice to run things at max. If you are on single monitor, sure there's nothing out there you can't max.
As someone who has been using SLI for 2+ years it really couldn't be easier and I haven't had any problems. That said, the triple screen gaming is hit or miss. When it hits, it's fantastic.
AMD is offering Bioshock Infinite AND Crysis 3 with purchase NVIDIA is offering in game money in free-to-play games as a promo check out Newegg.
Scott, are you really still pre-ordering games? Who does that? Pre-ordering is for the benefit of the publishers not yours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf5Uj4XIT1Y Watch this. Few reasons not to pre-order games: 1) They earn interest on your money during the wait period, not you. 2) You have no idea how good it will be or if it will be riddled with bugs. 3) Tricking you with special skins, loot, mounts, bags, etc is a gimmick meant to separate you from your...
Now is your chance...you do have to deal with Satan though. http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/88322/ea-games-store-the-secret-world-pc-digital-download
My bad, I don't know how to read. I thought I was addressing software rendered PC audio versus a sound card. I'll stop talking now.
No, no sir. It's digital. Just saying same cables with sound card...great sound... same cable arrangement with onboard sound (also digital) sounds like $hit.
"Wh... Why....? Didn't Vista move us to entirely software audio rendering and video cards have taken over the duty of spitting out you digital audio channels over HDMI? Unless your goal is to capture analog audio, the idea of a discreet sound card is kind of antiquated." Disagree completely. I recently had my sound card go out in my HTPC and so I updated all the audio drivers and switched over to onboard sound. I played a movie and watched it with my wife and...
Just wanted to give this game a shout out. I tried this game in beta and immediately thought, not only would I not pay a sub for this game, I wouldn't play it for free. I was not impressed at all. Honestly though, I didn't give it a fair shake and 2 weeks ago a friend of mine wouldn't shut-up about how good it was, so I picked it up on Amazon for under $20 bucks and I have not stopped playing it since. This may be one of the best MMORPG's I've ever played. I've been...
Welcome to AVS XR1200. I decided to just use an old case I have and "hide" it. The cases are nice, just expensive. Thanks for the input everyone.
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