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I tried hooking up Denon 3800BDCI and the DTS MSTR-HD played without any issues on 972. I hooked up Panasonic BDT 500 to my friend's Denon receiver and it played fine too. I'm not sure who is at fault as Panasonic is sold everywhere and no complaints or whatsoever except with 972. The only other difference is Panasonic is latest 3D HDMI 1.4a complaint versus Denon is 1.3 complaint.
Thanks for the info. My friend has Denon Bluray 3800BDCI. I'll try to get from him over this weekend and give that a try.
Having going through all different options, right now I've decided to contact Sherwood support to resolve this issue. Can someone share how to contact Sherwood Support to resolve DTS-HD MSTR Audio issues from Panasonic BDT 500 player? Thanks.
What board did you reinsert? Did you have to open up the unit? Can you share some pictures if available to perform this? I think it would be very helpful for out of warranty users. I'm not sure if opening up the receiver and reinserting the receiver makes my warranty void or not. So, I'm more inclined to go through Sherwood support at this point.
I have already tried all the HDMI inputs with second cable with the same result. So, I think it should take a trip to Sherwood. Does anyone know what's best way to contact Sherwood support?
I've bought my Sherwood R-972 last July and so far was still using optical cable and that means Dolby Digital/DTS for listening. I've recently upgraded to new Panasonic bluray player BDT 500 setup and tried out Blu-ray DTS-HD and I see in the Sherwood receiver display DTS-HD MSTR but no sound with some muting pop/clicking sound from the speakers. I'm not sure what's wrong as the HD Audio is set to ON. Do I need to get it repaired/replaced by Sherwood? I wanted to contact...
If you happen to have the metal rod, you can try using it but since it's very loud test tones(unlike HK's pleasant tone), I just happen to use the tripod and move out of the room. I happen to have smaller tripod which happens to sit on top on my couch without any major issues. You can try two legs of your tripod sitting on the floor and one leg shortened to sit on the top of the couch and try that too as I tried that too which provided better stability for tripod. I'm not...
Quote: Originally Posted by bommai Oh oh. That makes you the second of the recent purchasers to have a problem with audyssey eq. Yikes. That was the number one reason that I ordered this receiver. My T763 is fabulous for sound and I use multi channel analog for bluray. So hdmi does not buy me much. Also the amp section, the toroidal transformer, the weight of both units are all identical. So if audyssey is broken, I would be totally disappointed because...
I will also appreciate your feedback and also any comparison with products you have owned would be good such as if it's worth upgrading over NAD T747 or any other brand receiver. Thanks.
Does anyone know how NAD T775 compares with Sherwood New Castle R972? Sherwood has Trinnov Optimizer EQ compared with Audyssey XT in NAD with their own custom curve? I'm not sure about Sound Quality wise what will be differences? Like Stereo listening etc. Sherwood has been highly rated by reviewers though and hometheaterreview.com mentioned that he had replaced his reference system separates with this receiver. http://hometheaterreview.com/sherwoo...viewed/?page=2
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