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Just checking on the web and this is not definitive proof but may indicate that the dome/coil assembly is modular and may in fact can be removed.
Ya, I'm aware of that and Mr Bond did confirm that he can see that it is in fact an Esotar by looking into the bass portAs I said it's just a clue, if the driver can be disassembled (I'm not sure it can) maybe the original dome was damaged and replaced with an Esotec, just a thought.Years ago I ordered replacement tweeters for my Celestion SL6Ss and Celestion just sent me the dome which incorporated the coil so I needed to take the tweeter apart to install them, I'm sure...
And there in lies a clue to the problem!My 25 and Contour 1.3MKII.
Amen!(But we still do not know if it may in fact be the crossover.)
I'd still swap speaker cables just to make sure it is just the tweeter, even better the speakers themselves (left to right etc). The high frequency driver only makes up a small spectrum of the overall sound and is extremely directional and may be the first to blame but not necessarily the culprit, the offending speaker may have less output overall, just a thought.
One more thing, have you ruled out any other possible problems in the rest of your chain, amp, preamp, source, cables etc by just swapping the speaker cables to the 25s?
Hear you (no pun intended), just sent my new Sennheiser HD700 headphones in for the same problem, right driver is about 3dBs louder and they are going to replace both drivers.
Just flipped through my manual, although the 25 year warranty is transferable looks like warranty work needs the original invoice although wait for Dynaudio to get back to you to confirm.Get hold of Dynaudio directly, I was able to replace all four drivers in my Contour 1.3MKIIs a few years back at a very reasonable cost, obviously there is an issue with your 25 and if indeed it is the driver they'll help you out.
Have you tried removing the drivers to make sure you indeed have " Esotar 2" tweeters in each speaker. (taking a look shouldn't void the warranty, but don't quote me)They should look like this.If they are identical then you could try swapping them, I haven't looked in mine but I believe the original series have the cable soldered later models had them just clipped on.Obviously if the problem is now with the other speaker its the driver and not the crossover.
Not to say I didn't tell you so..but........... "way back when" I promised not to mention the "E" word again on this form.
New Posts  All Forums: