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First, don't trust the cable company. A cable box (STB) has two functions: decode encrypted channels and make the channel numbers into whole numbers. It can also enable/disable various channels remotely. Sadly, you won't know if you need the STB until you get the cable. I have no experience with AT&T or dish systems. Using a box varies. Most have composite outputs, RWY, slaved to their HDMI output. But this means you must tune to the channel you want to record and connect...
I think you are a bit confused. You should list your location. Check this thread, http://www.avsforum.com/t/1475637/are-all-your-qam-channels-scrambled/0_50, post 2, to see if it WON'T work. Unless you can connect your TV or Magnavox into a house nearby, you won't know if it will work. Plus you can usually get the Magnavox to work if the STB has a RWY output.
Sounds like wajo was right. You can leave a post here:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1475637/are-all-your-qam-channels-scrambled/0_50 if you wish. Sorry for your loss. 
Three or four digit numbers don't matter. My CBS HD local is 122.1901, but the 515H only displays 122.1. Does connecting your TV to the cable feed work?
I agree. The old Sony DHG worked that way and the buffer was variable from 30 to 90 minutes. It could be saved (added to "live" TV with a few commands) to save it to disk also.
I have a small cable company (http://www.secv.com) that has about 6 offices from central PA to central NJ. Each office has their own set of services and prices. Comcast is nearby, but there is no overlap. I get fiber except for the last mile. They started last year to remove their drops & h/w if you dropped service. We are losing to dish since nobody reads the fine print. I get HD basic cable, 5/1 internet and two cards for $106 a month. I feel it's fair and the quality is...
I used to say "all cable is local" but stopped after confusing too many people. BTW, isn't all XFINITY HD? I can't get it, and the dozens of websites are very confusing. Most don't mention HD at all. And yes, I pay extra for HD and pay for two cable cards.
I read it that he has a cable modem and is/was receiving the major locals in the clear. I could do that for $20 a month also. If I want pretty numbers and a guide I would also need a free DTA. When they stop including the locals on a cable modem feed, people tend to miss them. I have no option of a cable modem without the basic $20 cable channels, so this situation would not apply to my service. I get "HD Service" for "free" for all basic cable (about 100 channels). I also...
I don't know if this counts as "many": http://www.avsforum.com/t/1460149/2014-list-of-consumer-available-dvrs/0_50
Sorry, I checked the manual. There are three conditions that will cause the LED next to the MAIN button to come on. I have never done any of the three conditions, hence I didn't know it existed.
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