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Congrats on all the new gear, Drew!
Are you referring to discrete Harmony codes?
that video is pretty funny.
But I'd much rather listen to Susan Tedeschi than Stef Scamardo .
Looks like Sir Anthony Hopkins is a big BB fan: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57607525/anthony-hopkins-writes-fan-letter-praising-bryan-cranston-breaking-bad/
The excessive bass and brightness thing sounds like either a placement, Audyssey, or room issue. And I never equated that Grim Reaper tattoo on your face as a drug dealer reference, but YMMV.
You re-ran Audyssey, yes?
Mule covering PF is pretty cool. The Sirius/XM station "Jam On" plays lots of Mule and the wide variety of covers they perform is really interesting.
I've acquired a bunch of stuff from MuleTracks from shows I've been to over the years. I'm seeing them on the 30th so hoping to add to the collection.
New Posts  All Forums: