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Len B, Thanks for your impressions of the VTF-15H. Now I feel much more confident that it is the sub for me. Ugh! Went to order one and they are sold out until next week :/
Thanks for the advice everyone... I think I may just flip a coin between the F15 and the VTF-15H...
Wow... that's a lot of choices. I don't think that I am interested in pure output either. I like being about to discern different features at low frequency and not just some cacophonous rumble which is what attracted me to the F12. The VTF-15H seems pretty impressive though.
I was originally going to get the VTF3 until someone told me about the Rythmik F12. I kinda figured that it wasn't appropriate to my situation but was just looking for some other opinions. Does Rythmik produce a sub that would be comparable to the VTF3 (or anyone else for
Doesn't anyone have experience with some combination of these subwoofers? I don't really want to spend more than I need to if the VTF3-MK3, A3-300, or some other sub will suit my needs.
I don't really have a set budget but the F12 is definitely nearing the upper limit of what I feel comfortable spending on a subwoofer at this time (~$900 shipped). Subwoofer size/appearance/whatever is not a concern and I am open to other suggestions. My room is L shaped with the living room occupying half of it and the dining area/kitchen the other half (tile floor throughout). The total volume is ~7000 cu. ft. and the living room section itself is ~4000 cu. ft. (not...
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