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I think Epik knows this and that blog post was just to troll people following their blog!
UV (blu) code for MI: Ghost Protocol - $2.00
Codes sent
Yes all from Blu-ray let me edit.
All sold!
Out of curiosity, did you try connecting a ground wire to the chassis of the XPA-5 and the UMC?
Way better movie than the likes of Tron and this will definitiely be a reference disc. I saw the movie in IMAX and the LFE was insane.
Bring your Velodyne over and I will show you. Half of the subwoofers I have owned were Velodyne. I am just stating I will never go back to them. Enjoy your Velodyne.
I have owned a Velodyne DPS-10 and an Optimum 12. Most recently I have owned dual Epik Empires and dual Chase VS18.1. Velodyne in no way, shape, or form in my experience can hold a candle any other subwoofer company I have heard. I have auditioned subs from HSU, Danley, and SVS. Every single one of these companies cheapest offerings blows away any Velodyne sub I have ever listened to. The only Velodyne subs I have not heard (do not care to either) are the DD+. I find their...
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