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Will a Yamaha 673 be a "upgrade" over the denon 890 that I have? I found a open box yammy 673 for a steal. I use the receiver for cable, ps3 and Xbox 360. Cable 80% Bluray (ps3) 15% Games 5%
Had an Onkyo and it ran terribly hot. Sony is really not well regarded for their av receivers. The pioneer from walmart is a hot deal IMHO. The pioneer has a lot of features and the calibration is good even tough it is not audyssey.
Thx for the reply MJ. I also like the denon as well (upgraded from a onkyo 605). Mated with the pioneers, this is the best sounding set up ive ever had. If the pioneer receiver would sound just as good, I'll jump on it. But I will not sacrifice sound quality for a few extra features. Everyone says denon has great sound which I agree with, but I have never heard a pioneer receiver. I would hate to buy the pioneer receiver and then return it if I don't like the...
I currently have the 890 in the living room powering 2 Pioneer Jones 41s as the fronts, 2 Pioneer Jones 21s as the rears, the Pioneer Jones center and a bic sub. I am planning to add another set of 21s to have a 7.1 setup. I use this set up for blu rays, fios (sports & movies), and the wii. The vsx 31 has 3d and thx cert. I was wondering if I should replace the avr 890 for the vsx 31 (walmart $299). I also have the bluetooth adapter for the pioneer receivers...
Ok so I went to BB with full intentions of getting the FS51s, but I also "tested" the BS21s and with the exception of decreased bass, I could not tell the difference. So I got the BS21s instead and I will let the sub handle the bass. What do you guys think?
So you guys have approved my purchase of a pair of fs51s and a cs21. Great, I'll let my wife know!
Wouldn't the audssey multex correctly set the crossovers for me automatically?
I have the Polk rm 6880s with a Denon avr 890. I would like to get the Pio FS51s and the CS21, but I would like to move the satelites from the 6880 (4 sats) towards the rear to serve as surrounds for a 7.1 setup. Will the unmatched timbre be severe enough to make movie watching unenjoyable or should the sats do fine? Or should I just get the BS21s? Thanks guys/gals.
I have read mixed experiences involving hdmi switches. I was heading into that direction because of the obvious cheaper pricing, but headed back to buying a new receiver. I don't want to deal with the headaches.
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