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I'm going to ask again a similar question that I asked before. How do I get my vt60 default to game mode on when the ps4 is on. It's supposed to occur when hdmi content is set to auto with auto detail settings having game set to on. My friend has my exact set up and his properly sets to game mode on when the ps4 is on. And then back to off when he switched to cable. Both of us use 1 input which is hdmi 2 and run everything through a receiver. I've seen other posters...
Mine is a August build that I purchased in Sept.
It's on my VT60
I have a question about game mode and HDMI content type. I have a PS4 and when i switch to it, game mode does not automatically switch to on, on the VT60. My friend has the same set up but his game mode on the VT60 switches on automatically and off when he switches back to cable from his PS4. This only is occurring with our PS4. The TV does not switch game mode automatically to on for either of us for XBOX. We have every setting set identically in our systems. Can...
The VT60 looks absolutely identical to a ZT60 in dark or dimly lit room and any possible difference that would be seen would only be visible by side by side carefully inspected comparison, and even then it's very difficult to see. The fact that you think you see a huge difference at all in black levels between the VT and the ZT is definitely placebo. Even in a store lit room you would not see a huge difference, if at all. Matter of fact I'm assuming you were at a...
Onkyo QC is horrible but when they work they are amazing.
PS4 is not currently able to play 3D movies. It can play games though only siggestion until you get a new receiver is hdmi directly to the tv and optical to the receiver. Unfortunately as I am sure you know you will not get lossless audio this way.
I sold my HDDVD player and 42 discs years ago.
I'm at 830 and I can't help to feel like there's a problem here. Lol. I don't even watch them more than once, and some times never. Lol.
Replace it. Do not take a discount. You'll always see it.
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