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Used a TR-50 for a year then decided to give Windows Media Center (WMC) under Win7 a whirl, added 4 tunners for OTA and a 2 gig storage drive. So far I have been happy with it. It has some plus and minus but would do it again. The TR--50 was ok for a dedicated OTA DVR box but I really missed name based recording, hence the reason I went to WMC.Just not to many choices for us OTA users.
Last year at this time I jumped on the HTPC bandwagon. At first I was going to build a machine then just wound up picking up a Dell with a i3 off the outlet site, tossed in a 2tb green drive and 2 OTA tunner cards for a total of 4 OTA tunners. The HTPC has been great and a for the most part it has not needed to much of my time. About the only upgrade I may do this year would be to upddate my 2tb storage drive to somethng bigger and maybe a better remote. A...
They just had a free day about a month ago!! I can wait it out, I have been looking at a Onkyo HTX-22HDX as well, just not sure the bar is going to work out in from of my TV. Need to get the old tape measure out!
Thats good news. For us OTA only people this about the only option we have left!
Will there be an option to buy this sound bar elseware? I have a Costco membership but no Sams! Second qusetion, I have a 50" Panny, from what I measure the sound bar will cover up my remote I.R. Whats a good way to deal with that? RF remote? Thanks Jay
I see you can buy a package but was just thinking if I made our system it may work out better. We use a IP based phone system that I made up and thats been great, was hoping to do the same with the CCTV. I will say it does not seem to be as common as I thought it would be.
Thanks Will give it a look. Jay
I know this is not quite a HTPC but.......you all help me with my HTPC I fiqured this is a good as spot to start as any. Have any of you folks built a surveillance system of sorts? I work in a small office building and we are in need of about 8-12 cameras. I would like to toss a computer in our rack, a 24port switch (never know how many cameras we will end up with) and use IP cameras. Any thoughts? Thanks Jay
Was all good in Ramsy/Anoka area last night
Asked my wife to take a look at it this AM and its all back to the norm for now.
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