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Yes, My denon is allready set up as per screen shot, Just wondering about the Multicahannel as shown on my denon, it just seem the sound is better using dolby digital, bass sounds more. It could just be me.
I have a denon 2808, and it does show multi channel, but is this better than dolby digital??? Thanks
I have these two units hooked up use HDMI, everthing switches great, sound wise but I can't seem to fiqure out the 5.1 uncompressed part, it only come through as mulit channel, I've searched, untill my eyes hurt. Is this what Im stuck with or is there a better hook up? Thanks for the help.
Denon 2808 and A35, ALL is working great. Just for info.
Bought one (2808) about 2 weeks ago, First was a Onkyo 605, Kept it for a week, exchange it for a 705, although I think the 605 was good enough. There was some quirks with the Onkyo's that I just did not like. The Quality of the denon is top notch, and yes, i think its a little over price. BUT, you get what you pay for! I think the 3808 is the best, but was a little more than I wanted to spend. I would like to have a volume indicator on my TV from the denon, I have...
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