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Try this http://www.ehow.com/how_6351585_remo...ll-anchor.html
Definitely let us know what you think.
Sorry, no, I have tried that. I definitely have a fair amount of hard surfaces and do have a the center a couple DB higher, but it doesn't help much. I'm totally fine with subtitles/captions. But thank you for the suggestion, I do appreciate it.
While room treatment may help, I assure you my ears are just bad. I have pretty significant hearing loss so I will never overcome that. I have difficulty hearing normal conversation with any amount of background noise.
Yeah, I do have a decent audio setup already. I have a marantz receiver, mirage omd3's and a hsu sub. The speakers might not be that great but I love the sub, my hearing isn't great anyway, I always watch with sub titles as I have difficulty with dialogue. I also have a PS3, panny stand alone blu ray (don't like the fan noise from the ps3), a wii, etc. Now I have a 50 inch panny so need a pj, screen and seating. Budgeting about 10k for those items. PQ is my main objective...
Yeah, noticed that too, they were about twice the weight which I assume is a good thing.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
On paper it looks like the 4000 would be better then the rs250 as it has 30%more lumens and four times the contrast ratio not to mention it's cheap and comes with an extra lamp. What am I missing about the 250 that makes it better, assume a complete light controlled room with black walls.
I will definitely darken walls despite what I'm sure will be objections from the wife. And I can see it making more sense to put the extra money into the screen as that will be around for a longer period I would think. I have spent some time perusing that forum too but it's hard to know what screen to get. As you mentioned samples would be helpful.
Thanks for the tip and sorry about the term camera. Freudian slip I guess, that is one of my other hobbies involving expensive gear with minimal noticeable improvements at the higher end.
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