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Sorry if this has been asked before but I am unable to find a good answer to this. I don't have a projector yet but am looking to get one as soon as I close on a house (the room is about 16 x 14 and looking to have a 2:35 CIH setup as baig as I can make in that room). While my budget is not unlimited, I don't have a major issue with spending 5 to 7K on a projector if they are that much better. Is the difference between a 2K projector (say the panny 4000) and a more...
Quote: Originally Posted by ElwayLite Will send you a PM. Any chance you could PM me as well on those? Passed up the 2010 models so need to upgrade, 50" just doesn't cut it anymore.
I don't have an answer but you might think about buying two so you don't have this emergency again.
I realize this is an old thread but did you ever find a solution to this? I too am in a coop in NYC and would love to get a projector but my couch backs up against a wall and dont want to ceiling mount. I was thinking something like a hospital stand that is kind of a big u shape with the table that telescopes up and down and flips up (something they would wheel up to a bed). Like this but http://www.activeforever.com/p-1999-...-overbed-table with the table part that hinges...
I recently noticed two unauthorized purchases on my credit card that I had recently used at Monoprice. While I'm not blaming them, it is coincidental. I actually thought it was from purchases of used blu-rays at Hollywoodvideo.com but now that I think about it, it probably was monoprice. I will still use them as they are tough to beat. But keep an eye on your statements!
I agree, why not do a projector and a screen. Put the screen on the 12 foot wall and put a PJ near where the picture is taken and get rid of the fan if you have to. You have a good space for it. I have about hte same dimensions in my living room and have a 50" plasma on the 11 foot wall in your diagram. While it's fine, it doesn't scream home theater to me. Trust me, I would put a PJ in if it wasn't for WAF, but perhaps you are dealing with that as well.
Is 24p worth $1200? Just looking at the difference at vanns for a 65" s2 vs. a V10. And the only spec I care about would be the 24p. I've never seen an actual comparison side by side (I will at some point) but is that alone worth the huge difference in cost?
I know these are just the files, but just curious, has anyone uploaded these files to your PS3 and just used the software on the Ps3 to play a looping slideshow with these? I can certainly do something on my computer, just curious if that works though.
these are awesome!! I just paypaled you some money, can't wait to get them! thanks!!
Thanks! Very helpful indeed.
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