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FUEL TV HD next please for UFC!
No not with VOD, only with DVR recordings. This is independent of FiOS DVR model. On Demand fastforwards at only 1 speed, DVR recordings at 3 speeds. Also many TV shows in VOD don't allow any fastforward/pause/rewind at all which must be the preference of their respective network.
But you can't modify start/end time or set a manual recording or set a recording to save until you delete on My Verizon.
Tell me about it, MLB got a 2nd HD channel but not NBA, come on In Demand get with it... I'm sticking with NBATV/TNT/ESPN this season.
Yes 30 seconds are automatically added to the start & end time of a recorded program provided the DVR is off (standby) or a tuner was already on the scheduled channel to be recorded. If the DVR is left on & a 2nd recording is starting it will start 30 seconds late unless you are there to approve the channel change. If 2 recordings were taking place till the scheduled start time of another then it won't start 30 seconds early even if the new recording is on the same channel.
In my neighborhood they ran it underground between the sidewalk & curb, which was welcome as the local cable TV & power are both aerial in the alley, throughout the neighborhood before inquiring with any residents about signing up, over the course of 2-3 months. A couple of weeks after a large hole was dug there was a large Verizon box placed in the ground directly in front of the house by the curb. A lot of dirt was left on the sidewalk & curb. When my install was...
PPVs on channels 1000 & 1001 can be recorded to the Verizon Motorola DVRs. On Demand (VOD) content can not whether its free or paid for.
$45 SD & $50 HD. UFC PPVs are $45 SD or HD on Time Warner Cable in my city but on FiOS they are $50 SD & $55 HD. I have noticed some cable companies in other cities charging $5 extra for the HD event, FiOS is charging $10 extra. The HD PPVs are not from their preferred PPV event provider, they come from iN Demand which I guess TWC/Comcast/Cox get a better deal from. If you order the PPVs monthly the extra $10 on each event can really add up, WWE & UFC should really work...
No NBA TV HD or Team HD in North Texas. I gave up on NBA League Pass last season for those 2 reasons as well as TWC refusing to include NBA TV (SD) with a League Pass subscription (which In Demand says is done, in most markets). NBA TV (SD) here is available only as part of the $7 Sports tier (other channels in that tier are worthless, only HD channel in the tier is CBS College Sports HD. For the 2007-08 season I began receiving NBA TV with my League Pass (while not...
These breaks in capturing are driving me crazy. They are almost exclusive to using the SPDIF digital audio, I record from a DVR & if there's a spot in my program with no sound or tiling then I just have to capture using the RCA analog audio instead. I too have unexpected moments where the HD PVR stops capturing that I can not reproduce - I go back & record the same bit of programming & the HD PVR may capture it completely with no stoppage still using SPDIF digital. Those...
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