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Definitely won't work for the UA2 model. The UA2 model uses a SD memory card.
Ok. Upgrade was simple enough. Take the controller panel off and replace the SD memory card on the PCB board with the new one I received. When it came up we were right back to the normal menu system but it listed the extra games along with the originals. Thanks repstein for typing out the list. I'm too lazy. If you are right on the price list, I paid an extra 90 bucks for jumping right on it. Don't tell the wife. The setup jumped back to the defaults and I found...
$495.00 - a little steep and there are more I wish it had but the games on it are more mainstream than some of the original 120 on the machine and it has 5 that are on my must have list. I haven't received it yet but they told me that I will be replacing a memory card. I'll post once I've put it in.
Well, I got a postcard in the mail today from Chicago Gaming. A new Game Pack for my Ultimate Arcade 2 is available. No Mr. Do but it has 45 Games including Double Dragon, Gun Smoke, Rampage and Strider. I called them up and ordered it. I am such an addict.
Dumb question probably but have you tried the vertical hold on the display?
gregcube, I second the thanks for the information. One more question though. What does the display look like? Is is proprietary or a standard display mounted in the cabinet?
To tell you the truth I haven't looked but when I was researching the the product, it looks like it is basically a computer underneath it all and there is supposed to be a CD that is used to boot it up. I'm guessing most repairs would be the same you would do with a computer.
I picked up an Ultimate Arcade 2 recently - which I think is just a repackaging of the Arcade Legends 2 for Costco. I admit looking all over the place for anything on the JoshuaOS and found nothing myself. From what I read, JoshuaOS started out as an Arcade emulation project in college that turned into a the ultracade. I was hoping it might be possible to add ROMs onto the system myself in the future if I was unable to get them from the manufacturer. It looks like...
Thanks. I would advise anyone finishing a room look into buying bookshelves and framing them in. It is a whole lot cheaper than paying for cabinets and looks as good. With the Home Theater PC, I have all our movies stored on the hard drive so it's just a matter of using the remote to pick the movie you want to watch and it serves as a PVR as well. It, also, has all our music on there. My wife and I like to turn on the starlight ceiling and lounge on the couch...
I'm new to the group. Found this forum after I got my Ultimate Arcade from Costco - midlife crisis purchase. Anyway, I tried to post my HT pics but I guess I need to have a few posts under my belt before I can do it but my signature should have the link to the pictures on flickr with notes attached. It's been a fun project so far and I splurged here and there on some things but doing things yourself can save quite a bit and we had a few tricks that saved a bunch of...
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