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Well my old HT is long gone. Plus it was a cash deal and wasn't passed or holding the drywall guy accountable. I was purposely being very picky and finished the rest off myself. I see your point though which may apply to others etc.
My. 02....I'd plug in the pj with no source just blue screen and hold it up above your head closest to the best of your ability to where it will be mounted. You should be able to tell if the bulkhead will get in the way. Judging by the pic though I think it should work out. I'd try my suggestion though.
Hey guys, I havent been on here in a long time (was trying to save money, and that meant for me to STOP looking at this site) lol. So I just picked up a Roku 3 a couple hours ago. Set up an account etc, plugged in my external drive with my content on there and dammit, I'm having issues (due to my lack of research I'm thinking). Anyways, the thing only recognizes a couple formats it seems AND im having audio issues. I currently also have a Boxxee Box and it is WAY more...
Lol nice room. Now let see a video or pic of pong on an old atari hooked up to that just for shots and giggles.
Thanks folks for the replies. So far I;ve recommended Vizio for them, but they are looking at a yamaha yas 101 iirc. Any thoughts? I only recommend vizio because of the price. I paid 99 bucks for my vsb210ws and its a million times better than the tv speakers (lg 50"). kind of what they are looking for, ie living room purposes. They will be running a ps3, Wii and sattellite receiver. For the last few years they've just been running everything through their 52" samsung LCD...
Ok I dont have much experience with sound bars other than what I have for my "kids" tv. Currently using a Vizio VSB210WS. I think the thing is great etc but lacks DTS support. (also have a dedicated hometheater Onkyo3008 etc, so not too concerned). So that being said, I'm helping a friends wife find a good soundbar for the hubby. Lets say their budget is 500, and I recommend something with a wireless subwoofer and DTS support. I will most likely be setting it up for them...
Don't know about their site and whatnot, just know that I'm always VERY sceptical....however they've been great to me. Used their site to submit claim etc etc.
Good advice thanks!
Hey folks, In May I will have had my HD65 for 3 years. A couple days ago, I just put through a claim for my second Lamp replacement from Mack. Dealt with Cheryl both times (over and year ago and again just this week). Anyways, just wanted to say they have been great to deal with for me. From time to time I read some negative reviews, and completely confused by them. Both times I have had ZERO problems with them and they are quick to respond to me. Thumbs up. Ps - I...
Guaranteed this is strictly a placement isssue. Find a corner to put the sub in off possible. That should be the first try....mine shakes ybe neighbors house. Lol. You could always try the crawl method to find good spot for the sub. Keep us posted.
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